The Flow of Creating with The Shift Guru on Blog Talk Radio

Join me for this amazing show about the flow of energy and creating – The Creating Cafe.

This show is the second in a series of shows that will discover, interpret and explain the elements included in the Angelic communication, The Creating Café.  During this series, Barbara Joye, The Angelic Realm, and some very unique and dynamic guests will discuss the beliefs to hold, the manner in which the energy flows and the entire process of creating.

If you have ever wondered why your life is as it is; if you have ever desired anything different in your life and wondered how to create such a difference; if you are simply an individual with an open mind and a questioning nature, you will want to begin this series and follow the shifts that occur in your life as you begin to consciously create your own life.

On December 13th The Creating Café will discuss the process of creating and the energy flow with Tim Loomis as the guest speaking about his experiences with creating. To follow the discussion, read chapter 2 in The Creating Formula or listen to this chapter on Podiobooks ( and click on the Podiobooks link on the home page). 

You will be delighted and amazed and shifted with this inspiring and enjoyable show.  Tune in to WWNN AM 1470, Boca Raton, Florida and listen at 2:00 PM EST on Monday, 3:00 PM EST the following Sunday or listen at your leisure at .


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