Join Barbara Joye live on The Creating Cafe – 2:00 PM Eastern Today

Join Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru, live today at 2:00 Eastern as she and The Angelic Realm discuss Allowing Life.

What do you allow the Angelic Realm to bring into your life?  How do you interpret and engage all that is brought to you?  How do you allow? In this show, Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru, will be discussing the Process of Allowing and Interpreting life, which can be found in The Creating Formula, Chapter 16.  Her guest for this show is Lillian Brummet, expert in allowing life and co-author of Towards Understanding, a selection of poems on society, the environment, and overcoming trauma. 

At the Creating Café, Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru, will discuss societal perceptions that you may want to consider shifting; guests who will share how they are shifting their life and her famous ‘Conscious Creating’ segment where she brings in the Angelic Realm to share their perspectives on life and living.

How would you like to consider shifting some of your long-held  beliefs? 

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

This information is addressed in The Creating Formula.  To hear a chapter or two, go to

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