Belief: Wiping the Slate Clean

I enjoyed the holidays immensely. I went to some parties, hosted some parties, and  enjoyed the festive season immensely.  And during all of this guessing and hosting, I was amazed by some concepts that seems to be held ever so tightly in our social norm.

The concept I would like to speak about is that of the turning of a calendar creating the ability to ‘wipe the slate clean’.  Now really, how is it that a calendar event creates the ability for us to release all that we don’t like in life and begin again?  Where does karma fit into this scenario?

And, if we think we can ‘wipe our slate clean’ are we willing to wipe away all of the injustices we belive have been done to us?  Are we willing to look at every individual, every company, every governmental agency as if it has just been born anew?

I didn’t think so – so why do we have such a belief that the turning of a calendar ‘wipes our slate clean’?  I simply don’t understand.

How would you like to consider shifting some of your long-held  beliefs? 

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

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