Belief: In Non-Physical Beings

Have you ever wondered, really wondered, what your belief is in the presence of non-physical beings?  And, if you consider such beings to exist, have you ever wondered why hey exist…for what purpose?

I was a bit taken back the other day when I was speaking about The Angelic Realm and My Team of Angels or Beings or Souls or whatever (I have nt yet put them in a box and may never!).  And the individual looked at me and said “You really don’t believe in them do you?  You really don’t believe that they speak to you and provide direction…do you?” 

When I replied “Yes, I do” and went on to tell her that in my life these beings of light and joy have  become nearly as real to me as she was standing there, her jaw dropped and she looked at me like ai had two heads. 

And then I realized how differently impact on your life?  he and I viewed the world – most likely of the physical and the non-physical.

How do you view the non-physical world?  Do you believe there are Angels in the non-physical?  And, if so, what is their purpose or impact on your life, your daily living?  What are your beliefs in or about non-physical beings?

How would you like to consider shifting some of your long-held  beliefs? 

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

This information is addressed in The Creating Formula.  To hear a chapter or two, go to

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3 Responses to “Belief: In Non-Physical Beings”

  1. T. Michael Says:

    I believe and have faith in non-physical entities. Where I feel lacking is in communicating with them. Since I am manifest in the physical, I tend to think in the physical and often have a difficult time getting beyond the physical. Any thoughts?

  2. Elizabeth Rose Says:

    May I suggest you Meditate Meditate Meditate, use HemiSync, Hypnosis, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Techniques, try different methods and go with whatever works. All of it empties the mind of thought so you can open up to spirit. Eventually, you won’t need any of these techniques, but will simply fall into a meditative state at will, to achieve open communication, but it takes effort and regular practice. Spirit communicates telepathically – mostly without words – in images, in suggestions, nudges. Recall your dreams – they are full of messages from spirit on how to heal your life. Go with your gut, your intuition. Read ‘Blink’. Stop thinking!
    …Not everybody is in touch with their divine guidance. When one has seen, heard or felt non-physical beings, after the initial shock wears off, the spirit world becomes the new normal. However, since so many haven’t yet experienced this, how could they possibly ‘believe’ without seeing, hearing or feeling the non-physical world of spirit? Certainly I was a huge skeptic before the spirit world came crashing through to my physical reality. Regardless, I would still encourage anyone to remain skeptical throughout the journey, …but be courageous, take a chance and become a practiced meditation expert. Rather than blindly embrace the paranormal, do whatever it takes to go inside yourself and understand who YOU really are, (i.e. a spirit having a physical experience). Suddenly, you will find yourself guided. Light, Love and Joy, Elizabeth Rose,

    • shiftguru Says:

      The tapes you are referring to certainly can support many in the connection to Spirit.
      Thank you so sharing your wisdom and joy.

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