The Shift Guru Newsletter: A Time for Reflection

A Time for Reflection

Happy New Year

Have you ever wondered why February 2nd is Ground Hog Day? I have.  I have wondered why such a seemingly inconsequential day should be declared as the day we determine whether or not ‘we can see our shadow…our reflection from the sun’. 

It was not until I was considering this e-newsletter that my Angelic Team applied concept to such a date and such a practice.  Ground Hog Day is the day we determine whether or not we can see our reflection – whether or not we are ready to reflect upon who we are and what we are all about.  And this year, 2011, the precursor to the magnificent year of change, 2012, is a perfect time to consider such reflection. As you read this post, consider whether or not you can see your own reflection – in your life, in the lives of others, in you considerations of future living.

Consider whether you are ready to see your ‘shadow’ and deal with it. 

Consider whether you are prepared for what you might learn about yourself and your life from your ‘shadow’.

And finally, consider your beliefs as they relate to your life and the shadow side of life, yours or someone else’s.

It is through these considerings that you begin to perceive where you are headed in this oh so dynamic year – his ‘precursor’ year – this incredible year of preparation.

As you ponder these considerings, prepare to take action for you will most likely have the opportunity to create a shift in your reflection.  And every shift in your reflection allows you and all of those around you to shift their own reflection on life.

And, as compared to Punxsatawney Phil,  your decision to run back to safety of your ‘hole in the ground’ or to stay in the sun for a bit longer will have no bearing on the length of winter.  Rather it will have great bearing on your preparedness for all that 2011 and 2012 are planning to provide.

Having Fun!

My show, The Creating Cafe, has received such acclaim and listener-ship that it has been moved to time slots that allow for a greater listening audience.  Beginning in late January, The Creating Cafe moved to Wednesdays at 2:00 PM Eastern and 10:00 PM Eastern. This shift of time slot has already expanded the audience a great deal and as more folks find out, will likely expand even further.  For those of you unable to listen during these times, the show is also archived on Blog Talk Radio at

This month I will be traveling to Pompano Beach, Florida for the first ever “Love of Recovery” concert featuring Ricky Byrd.  In my perspective, we are all recovering from life to one degree or another, in one manner or another.  To celebrate such recover truly reflects who I am and what I have the opportunity to share.  If you would like to learn more about this event, please email me at  I will be more than happy to provide details. 

And as I mentioned last week, the new Belief Shift Oracle Deck has arrived and is available on my website, I am receiving wonderful feedback from those who are integrating this incredible oracle deck into their meditation and  connection practices.  Given the topic of reflection for this month, you just might want to obtain your own deck to see what shifts might be most valuable for you to make in the arena of reflection.

Angel’s Corner 

And this dynamic year of 2011 has begun.  And many of you are taking full advantage of the opportunity to create the shifts in your life which will allow you to enjoy the transition period known as 2012.  We applaud those of you who are more forward thinking.
For those of you who truly believe you can ‘crawl back into your warm and cozy little hide-a-way which we call your illusionary life, we have but two words of advice: ‘Think Again!’
This is not a time for the faint-of-heart.  You would not be alive in physical incarnation at this time if you were faint-of-heart.  You are on earth at this most amazing and dynamic time precisely because you are complete in your heart space; you are prepared and ready for the next adventure; and because you (at your soul level) asked to be on earth at this time.
So – no more talk of faint-of-heart; no more talk of climbing back into you little hide-a-way from the world; no more talk of not being prepared.  The only way you can begin to prepare is to spend time with your shadow self; to acknowledge that wonderful and powerful part of you, and to embrace all of you and all that is possible when you embrace all of you.
Imagine how powerful Mt Everest would be if it were able to recapture all of the stones and boulders and smaller mountains that it has simply lost over the eons.  When you imagine the grandeur and power of such a mountain, consider that you, too, are of such magnificence when you embrace all that is you.

Take this month, this time of reflection, to consider the power force you can be when you embrace all that you are – giving no heed to societal norms that dictate what part of you is good and which is bad – simply embrace; feel the power; and create the dynamic self that such inclusion will bring forth. And enjoy the creating.
Have a wonderful month – The Angelic Realm


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