The Creating Cafe on Blog Talk Radio discusses Being an Empath

The Creating Cafe of on Blog Talk Radio

With Yvonne Perry answering the question: Are You an Empath?

Are you sensitive to the events that are occurring in the world today?  Do graphic and violent movies or TV shows impact you negatively?  Do you become exhausted simply dealing with the events affecting individuals around you, whether you know them or not?

Many individuals, perhaps you, are dealing with the aspects of being an empath; are becoming exhausted by the challenges of this time in our history; and are being confronted by empathy fatigue. 

In this show, The Angelic Realm and Barbara’s guest, Yvonne Perry, will address the challenges of being an empath in this time in history.  The Angelic Realm, in their normal no-nonsense manner will address the role of empath as They perceive it.  Barbara’s guest, Yvonne Perry, will discuss all that she ahs discovered as she has lived the life of an empath and her newest book Whose Stuff is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings and Energy of those around You. Host Barbara Joye concludes the show by bringing to light the various nuggets of gold shared by The Angelic Realm and Yvonne augmented these nuggets with additional understandings which she  has learned as she is living the life of an empath.


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