Belief: Forgiveness Results in Weakness

It seems that in our culture the art of forgiveness is seriously lacking.  Forgiveness is often viewed as weak and without impact or energy.  In fact, this is totally opposite of what Forgiveness really brings to the individual doing the forgiving.

Another aspect of forgiveness is the concept that when we forgive someone we allow them to repeat the same scenario.  Again, nothing could be further from what is possible in life.

When we forgive someone, we are really forgiving ourself for our perception of what occurred.  And, in saying this, we are not indicating, at least in my opinion, we are not indicating that it is OK to take the same action again.  We simply forgive ourselves for allowing us to be in the scenario.  After forgiving ourselves, we can then shift the energy so the same scenario does not need to repeat itself.

What event or ‘slight’ might you choose to release and forgive – both yourself and the other parties or party – and what might you learn about yourself in the forgiving?  Give it a try…it is magical!

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

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2 Responses to “Belief: Forgiveness Results in Weakness”

  1. T. Michael Says:

    “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Ghandi

  2. Bruce Says:

    Thanks for the useful insight reviews.

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