Limiting Beliefs – What a Bummer

Hello all, I have spent quite a bit of time this past week dealing with limiting beliefs – mine, yours, and ours.

And the bad news is that we have lots of them…the good news is that we can shed them as we might a blanket on a warm summer morning.

So, if it is so easy to shed these limiting beliefs, why have we not already done so?  Because we don’t understand them to be limiting…we understand them to be facts of life.  Funny how we have these ‘facts of life’ that limit us and yet we, in this wonderfully free will Universe, have very few ‘facts of life’ that allow us to optimize ourselves.

As you look around you and consider your life, what have you assumed was simply a ‘fact’ and had to be dealt with and what is a ‘possibility to change’ and can be shifted?  Then, take those ‘facts of life’ and begin to think about, dream about, consider how, if you mentally shifted a few of those you might be able to create a more dynamic and fulfilling life.

Funny how a shift of perspective creates a shift of consciousness which creates a shift of reality in daily living.

Go ahead – give it a try.

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

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