Barbara Joye and guest Sally Marks discuss Embracing the Magic of Your Life

Join The Creating Cafe on Blog Talk Radio

with Barbara Joye and her guest Sally Marks

as they discuss…Embracing the Magic of Your Life!

What magical moment of life do you miss due to your negativity?

Now negative or self-depreciating are you and the friends you associate with?

What might be the value of erasing the negativity in your life?

Most of humanity lives in negativity…perhaps you do as well, I know I do.  And in negativity we miss all of the magic of life and many of the possibilities that can support us in shifting our thinking, our beliefs, our actions and the outcomes of our actions.  If you are an individual who would like to release the negativity in your life and embrace the magic in your life, this show is for you.  If you know anyone who is dealing from a more negative perspective, feel free to share this link with that individual so we can all share in releasing the negativity and increasing the magic in all of our lives.

In this show, The Angelic Realm, Barbara’s guest Sally Marks,  and Barbara herself will assist you in discovering the steps to release negativity in your life and embrace the magic in your life…that magic which is unique to you and waiting to be shared with the world.

Barbara’s guest, Sally Marks is a public relations professional and an award-winning journalist.  Her articles have been published in national, regional and local newspapers and magazines that range from the international Living Buddhism magazine to Arizona’s popular Phoenix Home and Garden.  Her screenplays, The Heir, Voices from Hell and Gay for a Day have won five awards and placed in two national contests and one international competition.    Recently she and her co-author have launched Erase Negativity, is her first self-improvement book. Her book can be found at

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

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