Join Me at The Creating Cafe to discuss the Power of Kindness

The Creating Cafe on WWNN Radio, Boca Raton AM1470

at 10:00 EDT PM Monday, August 8th

To Discover how to Reclaim Your Kindness

and Shift Your World

How do you counteract self bullying and bullying of others…with kindness or more bullying?

What life experiences would you like to shift in your life that just might be benefitted by kindness?

When do you practice being kind to yourself?  When do you take ‘kindness breaks;?

If you do not like or appreciate all of the negativity in your life…if you would like to discover how to be kinder to yourself and others…if you would like to explore ways that you can assist your children or grandchildren to understand how to shift from bullying to kindness. This show will assist you in supporting them and you as you encounter bullying with kindness. If any of this resonates with you, this show is for you.  Kindness seems to be a lost art form in our current society…and art form that is so beneficial for our health and for our ability to create the lives we desire to live.  Let us find a way to shift from the current paradigm of bullying to kindness…to a kinder, gentler world

In this show, The Angelic Realm, Barbara’s guest Penny Holguin,  and Barbara herself will share with you a number of processes you might engage in to shift your life from the negative aspects of bullying – whether of self or others – and replace this paradigm with the paradigm of kindness…a much more powerful and positive paradigm.

Barbara’s guest, Penny Holguin, is a children’s author, who speaks to educators, parent groups and others about the escalating tide of bullying (which begins in preschool!). She addresses the neurology of learning and how simple acts of kindness taught repetitively and rewarded publically can make huge shifts in behavior that have a transforming impact on young children.

Penny’s children’s picture book ‘Sarah O’Hara ~ Gift of the Fairy Wings’ has won three national awards. She was inspired to write it because her ADHD daughter had difficulty picking up on social cues. This book and Penny’s upcoming book are beneficial for both children and the child self of all adults.  Penny can be found at .

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

Create the life you desire and deserve – find out how with the amazing book, The Creating Formula.  Order it at

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