Barbara Joye is joined by Edie Sangiorgio as they discuss Divorce Vows…

Join The Creating Cafe on Blog Talk Radio

with Barbara Joye and her guest Edie Sangiorgio

as they discuss ending relationships in an honoring and honorable way.

How well do you end relationships in your life?

Do  you glean all of the learning from each relationship you are in and that you leave?

What peace do you obtain from those relationships that have ended?

Are you ready to consider shifting how you end relationships? Are you ready to consider ending relationships in a win-win mode?  Are you ready to cease being victim to those relationships in your life?  If you are, then this is a show for you to listen to…and may be a show for those you are in relationship with to listen to as well.  For each relationship in your life is of value – whether  an intimate relationship, a work relationship, a friendship or a passing acquaintance – is an opportunity to evolve to the greater Self.

In this show, The Angelic Realm, Barbara’s guest Edie Sangiorgio,  and Barbara herself will share with you their perspective of relationships and the value of ending those ready to be completed in a quality manner which supports your own evolution.  The completing of which, when done in integrity and gratitude, actually brings new opportunity rather than a ‘redo’ of the current scenario. This is a show to consider all of the relationships you are in and consider shifting a paradigm of how best to learn and potentially complete the relationship.

Barbara’s guest, Edie Sangiorgio, was born and raised in Oklahoma City, the youngest of four children of an orthopedic surgeon. She graduated in 1980 from Austin College, in Sherman, TX and married her husband, Rich, in 1986. She has three adult step children and three teenage children, Sallie, Sophia and Spencer. She is a certified divorce mediator and for years has been counseling people on their marriage and relationship issues. Edie is most easily reached at

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