Barbara Joye and Michael Sawaya as they discuss the Turbulence of Life

Join The Creating Cafe on Blog Talk Radio

with Barbara Joye and her guest Michael Sawaya

as they discuss our turbulent times and how to enjoy them.

How do you handle the turbulence in your life?

Have you ever considered why turbulent times happen?

What might the Soul’s reason be for these amazing turbulent times?

What might we learn if we were to embrace them rather than shy away?

In this engaging show, you will be presented with one man’s experience in understanding.  Through this experiencing you just might begin to see the turbulent times in your life much differently.  When we embrace these times, we also embrace our own evolution and growth at the soul level. And isn’t that what the earth experience is all about…evolution and growth without pain and suffering?

In this show, The Angelic Realm, Barbara’s guest Michael Sawaya,  and Barbara herself will address the impact of ‘going with the flow’ of turbulent times; the information in these turbulent events; and how best to optimize the bumps and bruises that may occur along the way.

Barbara’s guest, Michael Sawaya, might be considered the most unlikely of individuals to be presenting this topic from a spiritual perspective.  Michael, author of the recently launched book Turbulence in the River, Restoring your Spiritual Birthright as shared by his Guide Aatnan, is a veteran courtroom lawyer for thirty-five years, heading his own highly respected Denver, Colorado law firm. His sharing of what he has learned from Guide Aatnan is amazing, insightful and impactive for each of us in everyday living.

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

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