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Patricia Shaw – author of Healers Almanac, Journey into Health with Wisdom from the 21st Century Goddesses!

January 3, 2012

I am thrilled to be a Blog Buddy on day five of the Blog Tour of author Patricia Shaw whose book Healers Almanac, Journey into Health with Wisdom from the 21st Century Goddesses!  Launches on Amazon on Thursday January 5th 2012.

Patty Shaw is an UCM minister, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor and teacher and has been interested in the way we heal for most of her life.  When she became a mother she took her own mom’s strategy for health care for the family and added to it by exploring many alternative healing modalities and medicine.  Over the last twenty years Patty has been helping others create happiness through creating health in our body, mind and spirit.  Patty is passionate about helping people whether it’s in her private practice, at her Reiki Clinic or at her School of Akashic Healing where she teaches others how to be spiritual healers.

Patty is also co-owner of Coventry Creations with her sister Jacki Smith. Coventry Creations is known for its candles incense and oils that inspire us to make magic the Coventry way.  No matter what’s getting in the way of your success, Coventry Creations has a candle for that.

Yesterday, Patty visited Paula Tarrant where they talked about being well during a demanding life. (more…)


Introducing an amazing new book: “Living the Life of My Dreams”

March 9, 2011

I could not wait to share this with you!

 I came across this inspiring book that Features 30 Ordinary People Sharing their Experiences Living EXTRAordinary Lives!

 This book is a must have if you want to be inspired by some amazing stories of people who have gone from ordinary to EXTRAordinary!

 Introducing: “Living the Life of My Dreams: Essays & Interviews with 30 Ordinary People Living EXTRAordinary Lives”

  •  Featuring People Such as:
  • Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo
  • Shelly Rachanow, Author of “What Would You Do If You Ran The World”
  • Sally Shields, Speaker, Radio Personality and Author of #1  Bestseller “The DAUGHTER-IN-LAW Rules”
  • Pablo Solomon, International Artist
  • Shirley Cheng, Blind at 17, Author with over 25 book awards a decade later
  • Achayra Sri Khadi Madama, Yogi, MMA trainer with 4 black belts earned after age 50!

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 Here is what people are saying about this astounding collection of stories:

“I work with people facing challenges every day.  I teach them to create the reality they dream of by taking action and changing the way they see themselves and the world around them. With faith, all things are possible.  This same thought process works in all aspects of life. 

The inspirational stories included in “Living the Life of My Dreams” offer incredible life lessons on the importance of focus, clarity, determination and most importantly, always remaining true to the passion within your heart! 

 A must read for anyone ready to take the wheel and steer their own course!”

 Bill Bartmann, National Entrepreneur Of The Year

 “As a woman who has lived a life on purpose with intention, Caryn’s compilation of individuals who have had similar journeys is nothing short of a tale of inspiration, motivation, and courage.”

 Sherry Gaba, LCSW, Author of “The Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery.”

 What makes this offer so amazing is that it’s just $9.95!

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  • The Daughter-in-Law Rules eBook (an Amazon bestseller!)

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Five Simple Steps for Developing Intuition

February 28, 2011

Today I am participating in a blog tour for a new book titled Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You written by Yvonne Perry. The book has more than two dozen proven and effective ways to clear and protect your energy field. This guide offers empowering, proactive techniques to help empathic people manage energy overload.  See for details.  

Yesterday, Yvonne visited Joyce Shafer’s blog newsletter . Today, she is my guest blogger. I hope you enjoy the article she wrote about how to develop your intuition.

Five Simple Steps for Developing Intuition

By Yvonne Perry

I believe everyone is intuitive regardless of background. I’m not saying that everyone has the makings of being a psychic medium, but we are all born with a varying degree of intuitiveness. I’m sure you can think of a time when you have experienced an inner knowing, voice, vision, or feeling that instructed you not to go in a certain direction, or to make a particular selection, or perhaps you knew when someone was lying to you.  

While we are born with intuition, we can choose to either shut it out and ignore it or listen to this guidance and allow it to become clearer. By choosing to develop your intuition, you can gain insight into daily situations and make more informed decisions throughout your life. 

Some ways to tap into your intuition include the following:

Grounding. Electricity always needs to be grounded in order not to overload. We have an electric field around us that is our personal energy. It can be grounded to the Earth through walks in nature, working in the garden, or visualizing a cord of light extending from your feet into the Earth.

Meditation. To find your intuitive self, you have to be alone in order to get to know who you are, but many times we are too busy to tune into the inner voice of guidance. Meditation or silence allows us to hear our intuition. A lot of people think meditation is a state of not having any thoughts but the idea is to let the thoughts come and go without being attached to them. You will know when you have tapped into higher wisdom. The goal in meditation is to let go and just be.

Conscious breathing is very balancing, calming, and beneficial. It refreshes every cell in our body as we take in oxygen. Five minutes of deep breathing while counting your inhalations and exhalations can help restore a sense of calmness and regulate the heartbeat. Controlling and counting the breaths develops the concentration and focus needed to manage mental noise. Do this while sitting in a comfortable position with your spine straight.

Writing or journaling allows us to clear our minds of distracting thoughts and get down to what is really bothering us. This is when we can begin to see the solutions that come from within. Before beginning your writing session, light a candle and ask for guidance. Then, write whatever comes into your head. You may be surprised at what you read later.

Yoga is one of the best modalities because it incorporates grounding, centering, breathing, and exercise while connecting with the Divine. Even if only for a few minutes, this will help open the chakras and refresh your mind and body.

If you want to learn how to manage your intuitive gift and clear your energy field, begin to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Your time and attention to the spiritual aspect of who you are will bring forth the knowledge of your inner self.

Learn more about developing your intuition and progressing spiritually in Yvonne Perry’s new book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts,Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You. Learn more at  

Come along on the tour with us. Please join Joanne Sprott on Beyond Words Radio Show at Believe in the Moment radio to listen to an interview with Yvonne.  See the tour schedule at

Shifting Our Stuff with Guest Blogger Tisha Morris

June 11, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


Concluding the incredible gift my guest blogger, Tisha Morris has been providing, lets see what advice she has for us on how to disengage from our ‘stuff”.
Tisha recommends we start  by asking ourselves the following questions.
What am I feeling right now?
What memories does this item bring up?
Who gave it to me?
Why did I originally buy it?
Who does it remind me of?
Do I feel guilty getting rid of this item?  If so, why? 
And Why? (more…)

Shifting Our Stuff with Guest Blogger Tisha Morris

June 9, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


Continuing with my guest blogger, Tisha Morris as she provides great insights in decluttering the spaces we live in.  She begins this blog with a challenging question:
So how do we detach from our stuff? 

To make any permanent change, there has to be a shift in our perspective.  The way we view or think about something must change before there is a shift in our 3D physical world.  Clearing clutter is similar to losing weight – there has to be an internal shift before the weight stays off permanently.  But, also like clutter, you have to use some will power on the physical level as well – starting with eating less sugar or buying more things that you don’t really need.  In other words, the change has to take place internally and externally, mentally and physically.
In 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home, I’ve provided practical ways to clear clutter and improve the energy in your home on the physical level.  What about shifting on the mental and emotional levels? (more…)