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Shifting Your Sabotaging Money Beliefs

September 24, 2010

Where is this discussion of money taking us other than to a depressed state?  Where this discussion of our beliefs around money is taking us it to a potential shift in our relationship to money.

Money is a very complicated energetic phenomena.  It is what is necessary for a quality of life; it is how we each judge ourselves (and others); and our relationship to it is very enigmatic.  We do not know how our relationship came about or why it seems easier for some people to make money than for others; why some individuals enjoy an easy flow of money and others do not; or why we, each of us, can’t seem to find our individual flow of money. (more…)


Beliefs about Money – The Work Harder Generation

September 22, 2010

For those of you who remember your parents always focused on money – whether they were products of the Great Depression or children of parent who lived during the Great Depression – you most likely remember family discussions about there never being enough money and how they each (for this was the generation where the mom’s took on a distinct money-making role) had to work harder.  If you remember this, you are most likely a child of the ‘work harder’ generation.

As a child of that generation, you most likely have distinctly different beliefs about money.  Your beliefs may deal with the fact that working harder does not always create more money; that working harder only creates more things to buy; that working harder leaves little time for family and fun…your reationship to money is rather jaded. (more…)

Beliefs about Money – The Great Depression

September 20, 2010

Have you ever wondered what your beliefs are regarding money?  Have you ever taken stock of what money – and the lack or amassing of wealth – truly mean to you from the perspective of your beliefs? 

Most people have never taken stock of their beliefs around money.  Most people simply take for granted that money does as it does and they have to respond…when, in fact, each of your beliefs about money determine whether you create financial abundance in your life of not.  Your beliefs about money and financial strength (or weakness) determine what you will create in your life as it relates to money. (more…)