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Believe in the Moment Radio Show – The Transitions of Your Life

October 11, 2011

Beyond Words with host Joanne Sprott

Live today at 10AM Central on Believe in the Moment Radio

On Beyond Words, you’ll hear expressions of spirit from poets,
composers, singers, authors and enthusiasts, and explore
creative inspiration in thought-provoking interviews.

Be inspired to express your spirit and dance with your passion.

Join me today as Joanne and I discuss the changing times and the transitions they are bringing to each of our lives.


Energy of the Spirit: Following the Flow of Creating

February 1, 2011

Following the Flow of Creating

Listen to Shift Your Perspectives: Shift Your Beliefs: Shift Your World as author and speaker Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru, is joined by Theresa (TJ) Phillips as she discusses her experience with the process of creating. In this insightful interview, TJ shares her own experience with the creating process as she has followed guidance, learned the practice of acceptance, and, through it all, launched one of the most successful metaphysical support websites available.

How would you like to consider shifting some of your long-held  beliefs? 

Shift Your Perspective – Shift Your Belief – Shift Your Life Experience

This information is addressed in The Creating Formula.  To hear a chapter or two, go to

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